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It is time once again to get ready for one of the biggest and best art shows in the area - the Longwick Art Show will be back, running from Friday 16 - Sunday 18 February, 2024!

The popularity of the Longwick Art Show has been steadily growing over the years and we had so many brilliant exhibitors last year that we almost ran out of room to host you all. So this year we are changing how we accept artists to ensure we can offer the best possible variety of media and styles, and to ensure we can offer you the best space to showcase your work.  

Our focus, as ever, is on lining-up a fantastic mix of previous exhibitors and new artists, whilst not overcrowding the exhibition space. In order to do this we are this year initially asking for expressions of interest in exhibiting at the Longwick Art Show.

Registration Forms must be received by 27th October 2023

CATALOGUED Artworks are given hanging/display space and listed in the catalogue.

£30 Maximum 6 pieces

2D work must be framed and have a method of hanging

All items must be originals, not prints (unless photographic/digital artwork).


UN-CATALOGUED WORK (Only for artists showing Catalogued works)

£7 for either:

  • up to 25 cellophaned artworks in a browser supplied by the artist. Prints can be included.

  • extra floorspace/table for 3D artwork



£30 for the duration of show

Commission Tables are available for smaller items such as ceramics, glass etc. The table doesn’t need to be manned but Longwick Art Show will not be held responsible for any losses.



Each artist can also bring up to 100 Greeting Cards - artist to provide display stand. Cards to be a single price and not part of an offer (e.g 3 for £10)

25% of sold price from all categories above is taken by Friends of Longwick to support Longwick C of E School


£150 for the duration of the show, artist must attend at all times and takes payment. No commission taken.

All items must be handcrafted, this is not a re-selling event.

We ask that as part of this submission you supply 1-2 images of work that typifies your style and provide an idea of your average work size i.e A3 or, if there are various sizes, give the average (biggest + smallest divided by 2). 

The Longwick Art Show team will then consider all submissions of interest, and if selected to exhibit at the Art Show you will be notified by email by Friday 11th November and an invoice will be issued to you for the submission fee.

If you have any queries please contact

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